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The Penn Queen Diner and Restaurant has been a local family owned establishment for 45 years.
 In 1964 three men had a dream; in order to make this dream a reality they risked it all and purchased The Penn Queen Diner and Restaurant. Zane, Nick and Angelo spent the next few decades working diligently; their quest for excellence in the restaurant industry demanded a hands-on approach to quality and service. In order to accomplish this goal they maintained 15-18 hour work days.

The Penn Queen began as a 119 seat facility and over the years has transformed into a 260 seat establishment with plans to remodel in the near future. In addition to traditional dining we also accommodate large groups of up to 100 people. We take pride in the fact that the quality of our food and service has not wavered over the past 45 years. This dedication to our customers fuels our desire to strive for excellence every day.

Nick and Angelo have retired and Zane is the sole owner today along with his sons Tom and Nick and his son-in-law Manny. Any time you visit the diner you will find one of these gentlemen there. All of us at the Penn Queen continue day in and day out to make your experience as enjoyable and pleasant as we can. Come in and try one of our platters and see why it’s the quality and quantity that counts at a reasonable price.

Real Customers, Real Reviews

"We LOVE this diner!"
"My wife and I go there every least once!....The owners and the staff are first class and the drinks are unbelievable!...The food has fantastic flavor and they will prepare it just the way you like it...just tell them "golden brown" if that's how you like it.....or extra crispy...whatever you want."

“We have been coming to your  restaurant for many many years. I love the food. NO ONE beats it! I also love Maggie the waitress. She always makes it fun to eat there. She is an excellent employee!! She keeps us coming back!!"
- Sue and Darryl Schell
July 2011